Mea culpa

We made a big mistake on stage at TechStars Demo Day. We learned a big lesson. Through the incredible TechStars ecosystem, we have been really lucky to be connected to major brands and potential partners. With some, we are just in very early stage talks. With others, we have started promising pilot programs. We have had varying levels of support and in our excitement to be working with such marquee companies, we proudly announced some of them today. But we jumped the gun and that was a big mistake.

We have learned a few huge lessons today. We have learned that being a good partner is not just about the service you provide, but also how you represent yourself to the public. We apologize profusely for claiming Uber and American Airlines are working with us – a statement we never received explicit permission to use. And we apologize to TechStars and the whole TechStars community. We did not mean to overstate anything or unfairly take advantage of the network and the opportunities it has opened up for us.

We also learned today about the power of a brand name. We made a big splash by being associated with big brands that we admire and respect, but then immediately lost credibility because of this mishap. The irony of our name being Karma is not lost on us – but we truly hope to live up to our name and the core value it represents, and we hope you give us the chance.

Robert Gaal

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